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Fisher Technical Services, LLC

Fisher Technical Services, LLC (FTS) was founded in January 2003 by Ed Fisher, FTS's founder . Ed's extensive 29 years experience in the field of NDT and Quality Systems, primarily in aerospace, led him to pursue NDT/Quality consulting and becoming a Nadcap auditor.

What does the business offer?:
    Personnel Qualifications
  • Classroom or tutorial training
  • Administer qualification examinations for certifications
  • Manage NDT personnel files
  • Re-qualify Level 1, 2 or 3 personnel requiring re-certification
  • Review NDT exams and rewrite if necessary
  • Manage eye-screening requirements

  • Visit NDT personnel in the field to insure they are meeting client requirements
  • Perform periodic personnel audits as required
  • Audit NDT systems for compliance to customer requirements and report findings and recommendations
  • Audit company quality system to AS9100 / AC7004 requirements, report findings and recommendations

  • NDT Systems
  • Inventory all NDT equipment and make recommendations
  • Interface with management to discuss/recommend improvements to the NDT program
  • Review all training and certification programs and procedures and report findings and recommendations
  • Help establish new testing facilities
  • Write procedures and aid in implementation

  • Problem Solving
  • Help to resolve any internal NDT issues
  • Assist in manufacturing process improvements to reduce rework/scrap
  • Interface with your clients/customers as needed to discuss and resolve any problems

  • NDTSupport.com
  • Manages the NDTSupport.com website
Business Vision
Bring people, information, suppliers and customers closer together to improve on industry quality and aid in areas to save people time and money.


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